Welcome to ICGS Pvt. Ltd.

ICGS Pvt. Ltd. founded in 1997 has grown into one of the most reputed engineering company in Nepal. We provide services in the areas of geotechnical investigation, hydropower sector, mining and mineral exploration, transportation sector, horizontal directional drilling, anchoring and foundation works. ICGS Pvt. Ltd. has an efficient operational system backed by devoted experts with adequate experience.

Our Organization

Figure 2: Flow chart of the Company Organization

organization flowchart

Our business operations have experienced geotechnical services approach as well as due support of 17 full-time professionals and support staff allows us to understand and meet the specific service requirements of the clients. ICGS has now established itself as a viable institution striving to meet its targeted goals.

The staffing of the Company is wholly local. The shareholders of ICGS are well known experts with experiences of more than 30 years in their field of expertise. A host of notable resource Consultants in every discipline supplements the permanent staff.

ICGS Pvt. Ltd. has been formed as a joint venture Company between ITECO Nepal (P) Ltd., CEMAT Consultants (P) Ltd. and individual highly specialized professionals. Its Board of Directors is constituted of 7 members including representatives of the ITECO Nepal (P) Ltd. and CEMAT Consultants (P) Ltd. (Table 2). The Board of Directors meets periodically to decide on important policy matters. The entire executive authority is vested onto the Managing Director who directs all activities of the Company on day to day basis. Figure 2 provides the glimpse of the Organization.

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Our Services

The wide range of ICGS services and activities include:

  • Geotechnical Investigation: It includes Core Drilling, Field/In-Situ Testing, Laboratory , Laboratory Rock, Soil and Chemical Testings for Hydropower, Energy, Building, and Other Infrastructure Development including Heritage Sectors.
  • Diamond Core Drilling for Mineral Exploration.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling for Ground Stabilization and Anchoring.
  • Engineering Geological and Geological Mapping: It includes detailed Engineering Geological and Geological Mapping of the project site in order to evaluate Geo-Hazards and Seismic interpretations.
  • Geotechnical Evaluations: It includes analyses and evaluations of Ground Improvement, Liquefaction, Soil & Rock Slope Stability, Road and Railway Geotechniques, Bearing Capacity, Foundation and Settlement.
  • Research & Development (R&D): It formulates the new international and innovative techniques on Geotechinques, Engineering Geology, Civil Designs and other Program Develop sections through Research & Developments. The R&D will be responsible to publish new and modified technology to the society through presenting conference and peer reviewed journal papers.
  • Geophysical Survey as ERT, SRT, MAM, MASW.
  • Piling and Anchoring.
  • Foundation Study through Plate Load Testing and Other Methods.
  • Field Reconnaissance and Survey including Geological, Topographical, Hydrological, Soils surveys.
  • Planning studies including Feasibility Study, Market Studies, Socio Economic Studies, and Environmental Studies.
  • Engineering Designs, Cost Estimation Preparation of Contract Documents and Bid Evaluation.
  • Supervision of Construction, Equipment Installation.

The wide range of ICGS services and activities include:

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